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Just found out the college I attended was closed down after 25 years of activity and I feel like my arms were ripped out and I'm being beaten up with them, while trying to understand what happened. It was a small college, many profound memories were made during my time spent there. It's just sad. I feel like a large part of me is just gone.
Behind the Curtain of Life CH 1 P 1
This is the first part of my novel called Behind the Curtain of Life.

I posted an earlier version, unpublished here, to a writing group on Facebook I'm in, and this is the result of implementing the feedback I received there.

The novel is hard to classify in terms of genre. It's an amalgamate of various genres and things I like. I feel I should mention it contains references to a certain misunderstood esoterical discipline. BUT since the story has a more humorous, often grotesque tone, you don't have to worry about me taking the subject completely seriously and getting preachy.

The setting makes it sci-fi. It's focus makes it a mystery novel. Flashbacks often have a horror character. It has both paranormal and urban fantasy elements. The main mystery is related with the romance aspect of the story. This is also going to be a heavily action laden story, and paranormal powers will come into play in action/fight scenes. Once mysteries are solved, and the main threat gains on importance, the stakes will become bigger and the thriller aspect of the story will come into play. The novel also meshes the dark and grotesque with the lighthearted and humorous where appropriate. I'm also a big fan of Greek tragedies, so you can expect struggles with powers beyond one's control, be it fate, be it karma, heaven or hell. I also like to make things a little psychological.

Though it might seem like much to balance out, I have a clear vision of the novel's structure. Everything has its place. Still, feedback is very welcome.

I'm very determined about finishing the story, so if you help me with it, I make sure to put my knowledge from reading over 50 books on creative writing to good use and help you with your story in return.

I hope you'll like it.

Cheers and thanks for reading.
Continue the original story (or the one it branched off into) with one, two, three or so sentences. The point is that it has to be ALWAYS a different genre within one branch, so try not to repeat yourself (too quickly). Remember to add a genre tag after the continuation). You can also quote the part you refer to to make it clear you refer to it.

For example:
"John was holding Jane tight." (Romance)

Continued with:
"John was holding Jane tight" as the machete quickly made its way through the wooden door (Horror/Slasher)

Continued with:
"Jane had to choose between using the remnants of her power to either create an opening in the wall (and hope it's not a dead end), or fend off the unknown assailant" (fantasy).
Sara Bareilles "Love song": "I'm not going to write you a "piss off" song / because you need one / because you ask for it...

Celine Dion "Because you loved me": "I'm everything I am, because you pissed me off."

Savage Garden "I knew I loved you": "I knew I piss you off before I met you..."

Beatles: "All you need is to piss off" ("All you need is love").
Give me misheard lyrics, please. Any decade, any genre, radio-friendly or metal* and such, popular or obscure. Any language to English.

I need it for a non-commercial video for my YouTube channel. Got stuck at the fourth minute of making it, because I don't want to replicate ideas that I already know from misheard lyrics videos.

Because of it I'd prefer your own misheards, or the ones you heard from someone you know. Or at least those from forums or comments sections you read (which means they weren't likely used in misheard lyrics videos).

BUT since I don't know many/all misheard lyrics videos, you can share your favourite ones with me or the people here if you want. Apart from entertainment value it will also help me avoid duplicates.

You can tell me where you got it from if you remember. If I use it, I'll credit you by putting your username next to "suggested by" (unless you choose to remain anonymous). I prefer the "suggested by" line, because it doesn't make claims about authorship if the misheard is (actually) taken from somewhere else. I want to link the video in my journal and I'd rather avoid any bad blood.

I'll credit the deviantArt music forum for the general input, provided there will be one;)

A link to a YT video with the song and info on where the line is (general, like "the middle" or more specific like "around 3:14) might be helpful if it's a song I might not know, but if you're lazy you can just name the band, title, quote the original line and tell me at what minute the line is. 

Though chances are I will know it. Especially if it's anything from 1985 and onward, a chart breaker, a popular song in a radio-favored genre played on the radio in the past or contemporarily, a song from a popular metal band (most subgenres). Or anything played on MTV or Viva from around 1985 and about 15 years onward.

I'm no good with rap or alternative rock, all those Placebos or Fall out boys and anything that stays in the US, etc. though.

Sorry for the lengthier post. I just prefer to play open cards instead of using input like this behind people's backs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*on one hand incomprehensible metal vocals are a cheap shot, because you can hear anything in there, on the other... I won't say no if the misheard line is accurate and hilarious.


Industrial Antipaladin Pedigri
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"I am thy empire", spectrally whispers the Antipaladin as you approach him, what means in a language long dormant: "Please, tell me, how may I be of service?"

If you happen to seek the ageless counsel of an astrologer, the intuitive wisdom of a numerologist, or a soothing embrace for your spirit and mind, then you have come to the right place, and your pouch won't miss a gold piece, for I am the guardian seeking redemption by leading you through oceans of thorned labirynths until you find your way in life. Fear not, for I always leave paths to choose from instead of showing you the only way...

I am forever thyne.

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Skin of choice: Tanned...
Favourite cartoon character: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Soul Hunter, Slayers, Record of Loddoss War etc.
Personal Quote: Reality is only for people without imagination
I did a little video where I tried to synch Disney's Frozen's Let it Go scene with the popular Get Jinxed song from League of Legends and tie it with its story.
I hope you'll like it.

I'm struggling to find time to get back into doing art, but I'm definitely going to do it. And I want to combine it with making videos.

Anyway, how have you been? I hope you're doing great.

Best wishes.

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TEANO Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hi. In case you wanna give it another look, I've finished editing chapter 1 part 1. It needed a lot of work (there weren't necessarily any typo's, but mostly slightly awkward expressions and descriptions that could have been more to the point), and I've also changed the name of Adane's ship.…
Pedigri Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure, I'll take a look.
andersartigkeit Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hey :wave: Thank you for the :+fav: !

If you want you can also support me on Facebook ;)
I would be really happy about it! :happybounce:

Instagram? andersartigkeit
TK769 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Your drawring skills are very good.


Pedigri Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks very much:)

As for the calibration problem I amped up the gamma and was able to see details in the upper right corner. I'll see how this setting will work out.
ken1171 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Just came to say hello and thank you for +devWatching my 3D Animeness work! I appreciate the time you have spent browsing my gallery and hope you had fun! :hug:
TEANO Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
hey just letting you know i only have internet access from my phone until friday because of a defect I will thus not be able to make any edits This sucks. Regards
Pedigri Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I see. Well, I hope you get it fixed soon. Perhaps you'll get to write more new material.
I finally got to edit my short story which was 27th among 50 short stories and could be higher, because I exceeded the character limit and had to cut lrge chunks of it and replace it with anti-climactic summaries, which didn't work well. It was also one where I still used lengthy sentences and too much "simultaneous" verbs, the ones with -ing (he ate while watching TV).

See you until then.
TEANO Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015
*Teanonator voice* "I'm back."

I did write some more pages for Sunder, actually. There's a fun part coming up. 

Eh, that's why I don't join contests. Having to work by pre-set guidelines is a useful writing exercise, I guess, and I know you can't organize a contest without them, but I think having total freedom produces the best (and most unique) work. Limitations make the submission feel less worthwhile and less representative imo, which kinda defeats the purpose on getting people to judge it. But that's just my opinion. I do remember taking part in tournaments on the ol' RPG boards where your characters had to fight and the outcome was decided by who was the better writer though. That was a lot of fun. Do you have the link (to the original story)?

Did they want you to write 'He ate. He also watched tv.' instead? If so, ignore those people! Eating while watching tv rocks! :p
Pedigri Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The thing is it wouldn't be that easy to manage. Each one had the possibility to submit three works (not all did though) and each work could be 35000 characters long. People had to read through them all to rate them.
The main problem was that too much words were used up for explaining the sci-fi world/setting. It was also rich in dialogue I felt I needed to include to get the protagonists' unusual relationship across.

But this kind of place even despite it's flaws is something amazing. One can only imagine how it would be received without them.
I don't complain, because without the contest I would've probably never written it.

Yeah, the link's not a problem, but it's in Polish. I do hope to polish it in Polish and then translate it, because feedback between contests tends to be unreliable there. Plus, it grew to 30 pages, so unless I submit it in parts I don't see how someone will find the time to read through it. At least not in one sitting. If I get to translate it, I will post it here though.

More or less. They wanted me to do it with actions where I just knew they had to be done simultaneously. The problem is that in some contexts few words were equally suited to convey what I meant. For example I wanted an action to be performed while the protag started running, not when they ran.
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